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Enroll in a Sick Leave Bank Today

Posted April 4, 2011

To:Regular Full- and Part-time Employees System-widef
From: Chief Human Resources Officer Linda Hendricks
Re: Enroll in a Sick Leave Bank Today

Starting today, campus and institute human resources offices are accepting applications for enrollment in University sick leave banks.

Sick leave banks offer members experiencing serious illness or injury the opportunity to request additional paid leave after exhausting their own accrued annual and sick leave. Members granted time from banks receive their normal pay while continuing to accrue sick and annual leave.

Bank members also can receive donations of sick leave from employees outside of the bank if all personal leave has been exhausted and if the bank's board approves the request.

All regular full- and part-time employees with a minimum balance of 48 hours of sick leave as of July 1, 2011 are eligible to join and are required to donate 24 of those hours to the bank upon enrollment. The donation is non-refundable but is the only requirement to join.

Additional information about campus and institute sick leave banks, terms of use and open enrollment applications can be found at:

Each campus and institute will be offering information sessions during the enrollment period running through June 30, and human resources officers are available to answer questions. UT Knoxville's bank also includes employees from the Institute for Public Service, the Space Institute and the University-wide administration.

Testimonials also are shared on the above website and provide examples of the various ways employees across the system have benefited from sick leave bank membership.

I hope you will consider this important opportunity.