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ORP: Vendor Contact Information

You many access your ORP account by login into your ORP Annuity Providers website or contacting your local representative.  The ORP Annuity Providers have created their site to connect you easily with the information you need for information for your retirement planning.

Customer Service  800-525-4225
UT Representatives:
William "Bill" Rutter  865-599-0344  UT Knoxville, Knox Area
                               or 865-966-9453 fax
Ed Stewart             615-627-5936   UT Chattanooga
Brad Little              731-668-9818  UT Martin
Calvin Reed           901-853-8421   UT Memphis, UT Medical Group-Memphis

Julie Chambers     865-296-2328   UT Knoxville, Knox Area
                           or   866-836-3659 Toll Free
                           or   615-494-4627 FAX

Telephone Counseling Center 800-842-2776
Automated Telephone Service 800-842-2252
UT Representatives:

Kenneth Bane          865-766-4026  East Tennessee
Brandon Johnson    865-766-4024  East Tennessee
John Reeder            865-766-4025 East Tennessee & Chattanooga
Andrew Hall             866-842-2336 West Tennessee (Martin)
James Hogan          770-512-3508 West Tennessee (UTHSC)
Susan Martin            866-842-2336 West Tennessee

Customer Care Center  800-44VALIC(8-2542)  or 888-568-2542
UT Representatives:
Scot Brothers          901-268-6345 UT Memphis
Andrew Craft           865-291-5130 UT Knoxville & Area
Matt Prince              865-291-5131 UT Knoxville & Area
Justin Howell           731-426-4426 UT Martin
Celeste Friend         423-227-0281 UT Chattanooga & UTSI

AboUT You 


Campus/Institute Contacts:
Family Practice- Chatt. 
Health Science Center  
Knoxville Area    
UT Memorial Hospital

Deferred Compensation (401k, 457, 403b) Forms:
     Total Rewards/ Benefits & Retirement Office
     600 Henley St, #115
     Knoxville, TN  37996-4115

Insurance Forms:
     Insurance & Retirement
     P115 Andy Holt Tower
     1331 Circle Park
     Knoxville, TN  37996-0100

Retirement Forms:
     Total Rewards/ Benefits & Retirement Office
     600 Henley St, #115
     Knoxville, TN  37996-4115

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