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Sick Leave Bank

Each campus and institute at the University of Tennessee participates in a sick leave bank.  Sick leave banks offer members experiencing an illness or injury the opportunity to request additional paid leave after exhausting all personal accrued annual and sick leave.

Regular full- and part-time employees can join each year during open enrollment from April 1 to June 30.

Requests for withdrawals from banks require medical verification and are reviewed by a chancellor-appointed board.  Members granted time from banks receive their normal pay and continue to accrue sick and annual leave.

Bank members who have exhausted all personal accrued leave and whose requests have been approved by their campus or institute’s sick leave bank board are eligible to receive donations of sick leave from employees outside of the bank.

To join, employees must have a minimum balance of 48 hours of sick leave by July 1 and are required to donate 24 of those hours to the bank upon enrollment.

UT Knoxville’s bank also includes employees from the Institute for Public Service, the Space Institute and University-wide administration.

For more information, read the frequently asked questions and click on the campus and institute links for open enrollment applications and human resources contacts.




Linda Francisco
(865) 974-8361



Campus Sick Leave Banks

*UTK bank includes employees from the UT Institute for Public Service, the Space Institute and the University-wide administration