Career Development Fund

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Non-exempt staff employees at the University of Tennessee have the opportunity to participate in a special Career Development Fund (CDF) program supported by annual gifts from employees.

The purpose of the fund is to provide the opportunity for employees to participate in job- and career-related development activities. Monies from the fund are expended to provide total or partial support for employees' participation in approved on- or off-campus activities.

A limited number of funds are set aside each fiscal year to reimburse departments and employees for training expenses. Once fund resources are committed in a fiscal year, the fund will no longer approve new applications until the next fiscal year.

The Career Development Fund will provide $150 per recipient during each fiscal year.

Employees are encouraged to apply to the fund for assistance when they believe participation in a program or activity will contribute to their personal and professional career growth.

The Career Development Fund Committee reviews requests and approves funding based on fund guidelines.

For more information about the fund, please contact Angela McLemore.

"The Career Development Fund has allowed us to greatly expand the professional development opportunities for our employees, at no cost to our department. Our staff has learned new skills, and it has been a tremendous asset for our College!"

Sarah W. DeYoung
Undergraduate Advising Services