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Job Families

A description of each family follows the family name below:

Academic & Instructional Support: Non-tenure track jobs with primary responsibility for training activities or teaching either credit or non-credit courses
or seminars.

Accounting and Financial: Jobs in accounting and financial functional areas ranging from senior level professional to entry level support.

Administrative Support: Administrative and clerical support jobs.

Advancement: Jobs with primary responsibility for fund-raising and related activities and for developing and maintaining relationships with alumni and friends of the university.

Athletics: Exempt athletics coaching and administrative jobs.

Chief Executive and Operating Officials: Jobs held by the university's chief executive and operating officials.

Communications and Media: Jobs providing a variety of communication and/or media services including writing, production and support.

Crafts: Non-exempt jobs requiring skilled-craft work.

Executive and Managerial: Administrators and other exempt jobs with managerial and supervisory responsibilities.

Extension: Exempt jobs performing advising, consulting, and training functions for agriculture, family and consumer services, 4-H and resource development programs.

Faculty: Tenure-track academic and teaching positions.

Information Technology: Jobs in the computing/data processing field.

Library: Non-faculty jobs providing administration and support of library functions.
Medical Administrative Support: Jobs providing medical administrative and clerical support.

Medical Administrative Support: Jobs providing administrative and clerical support in the medical field.

Medical Professional: Professional jobs in the medical field.

Medical Service: Non-exempt jobs in the medical service field.

Medical Technical: Technical and research jobs in the medical field.

Other Professional: Jobs that generally require licensure or certification and other jobs not elsewhere classified.

Police: Security and law enforcement services.

Public Service: Exempt jobs performing advising, consulting and training functions for external clients.

Research: Technical and research related jobs in laboratories, research and animal care units.

Service: Non-exempt jobs in the service area such as custodial, dining services and non-craft maintenance.

Student: Jobs that require the incumbent in the job to be a student.

Student Services: Jobs that are in the area of student services and/or support.

Technical: Non-exempt jobs in technical fields such as electronics, telecommunications and drafting.


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