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This job family includes those exempt jobs performing advising, consulting and training functions for agriculture, family and consumer services, 4-H and resource development programs. The job titles and associated job grades are listed below. Click on the job title to view the description.

Job Title          Job Grade  
Extension Agent I  39
Extension Agent II  41
Extension Agent III  43
Extension Agent IV  45
Extension Agent I and County Director  39
Extension Agent II and County Director  41
Extension Agent III and County Director  43
Extension Agent IV and County Director  45
Extension Agent in Training  38
Extension Area Specialist I  40
Extension Area Specialist II  42
Extension Area Specialist III  44
Extension Area Specialist IV  46
Extension Assistant I  40
Extension Assistant II  41
Extension District Director  48
Extension Program Assistant I  32
Extension Program Assistant II  34
Extension Program Assistant III  36
Extension Program Leader I  45
Extension Program Leader II  46
Extension Program Leader III  47
Extension Specialist I  44
Extension Specialist II  45
Extension Specialist III  46


Knoxville Office
Martie Gleason
(865) 974-2456

Memphis Office
Jerry Hall
(901) 448-5603

Tullahoma Office
Patricia Burks-Jelks
(931) 393-7226

The University of Tennessee
at Chattanooga
Dan Webb
(423) 425-4729

The University of Tennessee
at Martin
Phil Bright
(731) 881-7847