Child Protection Training for Covered Adults

University of Tennessee System Safety Policy SA0575: Programs for Minors, requires that all "Covered Adults" complete training at least once every two (2) years. 

How to Fulfill the Training Requirement 

There are two options available to complete the training:

  1. Complete the "Child Protection Training" online training module in the Skillsoft eLearning system (Skillport).  This is the preferred option for UT employees (must have netID).
  2. Present the ready-made PowerPoint.  This option is most suitable for groups and for those who do not have netID's, such as volunteers and contractors.
    Program Directors, department heads, and others who have direction over covered programs may request the PowerPoint by emailing your campus Designated Official (see below) or by emailing Angie McLemore ( or Laura Jo Anderson ( For tracking purposes, please email the Child Protection Training sign-in sheet to Angie McLemore ( immediately following the completion of training. You may also send the sign-in sheet through campus mail to 220 Conference Center Building, Knoxville, TN, 37996. Completions are recorded in IRIS. If your list of attendees is more than 50 people, please put the list into an Excel spreadsheet and email it. Please include the following information:
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Personnel number (if known)
  • If a personnel number is not known, please provide the FULL first, middle, and last names of each individual. There are many common names at UT.

Where to Access the Online Training Module

The online training module is housed in Skillport, the Skillsoft eLearning management system administered by UT Human Resources. You must have a UT netID to use Skillport.  In addition, you must be pre-registered in the Skillport system. You can register one of two ways:

  1. Email Laura Jo Anderson ( and request to be registered in the Skillport system. You may also request that the Child Protection Training be added to your Skillport plan.
  2. Log-in or self-register by using this link:
    Once you have registered, you can log in.  After logging in, to find the training, click on the "Catalog" left-hand link, then the "Child Protection Training" folder. The "Child Protection Training" module is located here.

Important note for all users: The Skillsoft system will work more efficiently and smoothly if you first run the browser compatibility check to determine your computer's browser versions, Java version, and more:  The check is quick and will send you an email of your results.  If the check identifies updates for you, particularly with Java, you will need to make those updates or you will likely be unable to access eLearning.  Your department's IT professional and/or your campus's OIT helpdesk can help you make updates.

Existing Skillport users: If you have used Skillsoft eLearning in the past, you do not need to register again, because you are already registered in the system.  You may log in as usual and click on the "Catalog" left-hand link, then the "Child Protection Training" folder. The "Child Protection Training" module is located here. Or, you may email Employee & Organizational Development and request that the training be added to your plan.

Questions or concerns about the Skillport system should be referred to Laura Jo Anderson ( Questions about technical problems, such as Java or browser updates, should be directed to your department's IT professional or to the OIT helpdesk at your campus.

How Training is Tracked and Recorded 

It is essential to keep training completions recorded in IRIS.  Covered Adults are required to complete training every two years; in order to track compliance on this requirement, we must keep training records up to date.

If you completed the online training, your completion was automatically recorded by the Skillport system.  Skillport completions are imported into IRIS overnight.

If you presented the PowerPoint to a group, please email the Child Protection Training sign-in sheet to Angie McLemore ( immediately following the completion of training.  This is the only way to ensure that your training attendees will receive credit for training.

Campus Designated Officials


Jim Pulliam
UTC Safety & Risk Management
(423) 425-5209

Health Science Center

Darnita Brassel
UTHSC Human Resources Training
(901) 448-5600


Brian Browning
UTK Finance & Administration
(865) 974-3061


Capt. Ray Coleman
UTM Public Safety
(731) 881-7776

Space Institute

Patricia Burks-Jelks
UTSI Human Resources
(931) 393-7226

Information for each Campus

Health Science Center
Space Institute


Contact Information

Employee & Organizational Development
220 Conference Center Bldg.
Knoxville TN 37996
Phone: (865) 974-6657
Fax: (865) 974-9715