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Based on participant feedback, EOD is planning some exciting new enhancements to our certificate programs!  We look forward to unveiling the changes later in 2015.  While we prepare these new certificate programs, we are offering our current certificate courses one more time in 2015.  This is an excellent opportunity for participants to complete their remaining courses to earn their certificates.  Participants currently enrolled in existing certificate programs should plan to complete their certificates by the end of 2015.


The Communication Certificate is planned for those staff members who are interested in communication skills training. This program will consist of 32 hours of training required to reach certification. 

A graduation celebration for the Communication Certificate is usually held annually in the fall.  Invitations will be sent through departmental mail to those employees who have completed the required classes for the certificate. Certificates will be given out the day of the celebration. The certificate will be sent through departmental mail if a graduate is unable to attend the celebration.

To register, click the “Register for a class!” link at left, then click on "Training Classes." You may also call our office at 865-974-6657.


Attendees of the 2014 Communication Graduation Celebration

Please click here to see the 2014 Communication Celebration Program


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