Communication Certification

Attendees of the 2013 Communication Graduation

Communication graduates 2013

Communication Certification graduates pictured with trainers

Stefani Mundy (far left) and Brian Roe (far right).  

Our 2013 Graduates: Jacqueline Bellan, April Case, Charla Clevenger, Beth Cole, Karen Cole, Kimberly Harmon, Misti Henry, Terry Higgins, Pamela Koontz, Sherry McBee, Lela Moore, Christine Nassir, Robin Owens, Wanda Plankey , Michael Ragsdale, Dylida Ries, Wilma Siler, Sydny Simpson, Jacqueline Stansberry, Cindy Tietz, Stacey Wade, Deb Welch, Cristie West.

The Communication Certification is planned for those staff members who are interested in communication skills training. This program will consist of 32 hours of training required to reach certification. 

A graduation for the Communication Certification will be held annually in May.  Invitations will be sent through departmental mail to those employees who have completed the required classes for the certification. Certificates will be given out the day of the celebration. The certificate will be sent through departmental mail if a graduate is unable to attend the celebration.


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