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Training Testimonials

Commitment to Development

UT offers hundreds of online and in-person training opportunities for professional and personal development.

“In challenging times such as these, it is especially important to preserve and cultivate the most important asset we have at this great institution, our highly competent and devoted faculty and staff. At UT Chattanooga, we believe the professional development and training of our employees are central to the University's mission, vision and values.”

Roger Brown, Chancellor, UT Chattanooga

“At the UT Space Institute, we strongly believe that training is a key component to success in the workplace. We strive to prepare our employees for that success by offering monthly training sessions relevant to their needs and the needs of the Institute.”

Patricia Burks-Jelks, Director of Human Resources,
UT Space Institute

“OED’s training focuses on policy, compliance and diversity with a goal of increasing the knowledge, understanding, and remembering of faculty and staff with progression to a higher level of thinking when addressing real work environment concerns. Coupling job-related training and career development training enable win-win outcomes.”

Michael Alston, Director of Office of Equity and Diversity,
UT Health Science Center

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Certificate Programs

Certificate programs are available in several areas including communication, supervision, customer service and leadership.

“The Introduction to Supervision certificate program offers insight into the many aspects involved in leadership. By offering this course at the UT Police Department, we were able to see how much our supervisors deal with on a daily basis. Not only does this offer us a better respect for our supervisors, but it also allows us to begin our own path to being better leaders.  I recommend this class to anyone interested in a leadership role.”

Mary Cameron, Patrol Officer, UT Knoxville

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Supervisory Training

Employees in supervisory roles can attend classes on managing and motivating others.

“Training courses through UT have been very valuable to me as a supervisor. The fact that the University cares enough to ensure that these training certificates and courses are conducive to success in the workplace for staff and faculty is key to being a Top 25 public research university.”

Meshia Thomas, Police Lieutenant, UT Knoxville

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Star Achievement

UT’s Star Achievement series helps employees increase productivity and job satisfaction.

“After only a few minutes with a knowledgeable instructor, the entire class was comfortable and more than willing to participate. Without a doubt, the instructor was the strength of the course! We not only learned new skills, but we strengthened old ones and even learned to recognize some that are less desired.  I can't wait for the next class!”

Judy Wilhite, Publications Assistant, UT Institute for Public Service

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Office Professionals Super Seminar

Employees are able to focus on both professional and personal goals at UT’s annual Office Professionals Super Seminar.

“Several of us travel quite a distance to attend these seminars because they are educational and enjoyable. I look forward to seeing what the HR team will bring to us next year!”

Jenny Yeary, Administrative Assistant, UT Extension

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Administrative Professionals Retreat

UT’s annual Administrative Professionals Retreat in the Great Smoky Mountains allows employees to network and grow with colleagues from across the state.

“I always look forward to attending UT’s annual Administrative Professionals Retreat held in Gatlinburg. It is a chance to network with other employees from campuses across the state, and I leave the conference with a new perspective on how I can apply what I have learned and to share it with my co-workers.”

Trish Wagoner, Administrative Assistant to the Chancellor, UT Institute of Agriculture

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Behavior Styles Workshop

Behavior styles workshops help employees build productive working relationships.

“Anyone who wishes to be an effective co-worker will really appreciate this training.  I’m confident that most workshop participants experience at least one ‘ah-ha!’ moment where they discover a tool that will help them work more effectively with someone on their team.”

Phil Dane, Director of Athletics, UT Martin

“The workshop was an eye-opening experience for better understanding my own behavior and the behaviors of those around me. The interactive nature of the workshop, the personal experiences shared by the facilitator and participants and the easy-to-understand support materials make this a valuable personal and professional development exercise.”

Bud Grimes, Director of University Relations, UT Martin

“I’ve always enjoyed participating in trainings that help me better understand how to build more cohesive and communicative teams. The workshop’s facilitator was able to connect personality and behavior to the accomplishment of an organization’s mission. I laughed and I learned, which for me, is always a productive combination.”

Jerald Ogg, Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, UT Martin

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7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Employees can study FranklinCovey’s best-selling business principles through a two-day Seven Habits of Highly Effective People workshop.

“This program helped me identify priorities and then engage in activities that support those priorities. My belief is that highly effective people create highly effective teams.”

Cassandra Holder-Ballard, Associate Professor, UT Health Science Center

“The FranklinCovey program and our departmental study sessions have been an excellent experience for us all.  We’re really engaged, and the trust level is so high. I cannot believe we are the same people.”

Sandra Oelschlegel, Assistant Professor and Library Director, UT Graduate School of Medicine

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