Training Services

Benefits Reviews

Departments may request in-house benefits reviews. This program includes in-depth information regarding retirement, insurance, tax deferred annuities, and many other benefits available to employees. Contact Benefits & Retirement Services, (865) 974-4341 for more information.

Career Development Fund

The Career Development Fund is available for staff to support their professional development. The fund can provide total or partial funding for employees participating in approved career development programs or activities. The fund reimburses a maximum of $150 per fiscal year for non-exempt, regular, full- and part-time employees and is pro-rated based on percent of effort. Applications for the fund must be submitted before the event to be considered for reimbursement. Contact Angie McLemore, (865) 974-8359, or visit the website for more information.

Computer Courses

Employee & Organizational Development offers a complete range of computer courses to choose from. Most courses cost $75, with the exception of "Adobe Acrobat 9.0," which costs $100, and "Facing Word Fearlessly" and "Mail Merge," which cost $50.  The courses are taught on Dell PC's and are approved for CPS re-certification. Fees for computer courses will be charged directly to departments through electronic billing. Please note our policy for charges and cancellations.

eLearning Courses

Computer-based training (CBT) is a series of interactive courses offered on the internet that can be tailored to the individual’s needs. Many of the eLearning classes can be substituted for training courses that fall within Employee & Organizational Development’s certificate programs. To be eligible to use eLearning, you must be a UT faculty or staff member.  To register, please check out the instructions for eLearning registration .  For assistance, contact Employee & Organizational Development or by phone at (865) 974-6657.

Mediation Services

Problems in communicating are common in most organizations. The mediation process has proven to be an effective means to resolve conflict. We offer confidential mediation services to individuals and teams. These services include consultation, facilitation, mediation training, and actual mediation. Contact Dr. Mary Lucal, (865) 974-1909, for more information.

Performance Consulting Services

At times, performance, either departmentally or individually, fails to meet the mark, and it is difficult to ascertain the root cause for the performance problem. We provide services, from consulting and counseling to training and planning, that will help identify needs and offer options to address those needs. Following up to assess the plan’s effectiveness is included in our services. Contact Dr. Ron Tredway, (865) 974-0807, for more information.

Professional Development Programs

The University of Tennessee encourages faculty and staff to take advantage of professional development programs. These programs are designed to empower and enlighten employees who work at all levels in the university. Each class is guaranteed to be a rewarding experience. As an employee of the university, you have the opportunity to take a minimum of 32 hours of classes per year. Our classes are also offered on-site in your department. For further information on how to bring training to you, contact Employee & Organizational Development, (865) 974-6657.

Recertification for CAP

Training classes noted by the CAP symbol and all computer classes will count one point for each hour spent in class toward recertification. Certificates will be given on request.  Those who need a list of training for the recertification application should call (865) 974-6657 to request an IRIS training history and letter of verification.  We send the training history and letter directly to your campus address so you can include them with your recertification materials.

Short Courses

These classes are designed to provide additional learning opportunities for busy faculty and staff. This series provides a central location for offering concentrated information on various topics. The sessions are informative yet casual enough for you to enjoy your lunch while learning. To register, call (865) 974-6657.

Specialized Departmental Training & Retreats

Let us plan your next staff development retreat or on-the-job training! We will meet with you to identify needs, prepare activities, and guide all the arrangements to assist in providing continuing staff development for your department. Call Employee & Organizational Development at (865) 974-6657 for more information.

Strategic Planning Services

Does your department have a vision and mission? If you don’t have a strategic plan in place, you may want to avail yourself of our strategic planning services. A strategic plan is essential to your department’s success. Contact Employee & Organizational Development, (865) 974-6657 for more information.

Training Courses

Employee & Organizational Development offers a wide variety of training courses including supervisory, leadership, and management programs as well as personal help topics. Most courses are free of charge unless otherwise noted. Charges are sometimes made to cover the costs of materials, speakers, facilities, or equipment. Please note our policy for charges and cancellations.

Volunteer Training Partners

Volunteer Training Partners consists of a group of faculty and staff who are interested in promoting training and development for those who work at the university.  Please visit the Volunteer Training Partners page to find out more.

Contact Dr. Ron Tredway, (865) 974-0807, for more information. 



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