Training Services

Benefits Reviews

Departments may request in-house benefits reviews. This program includes in-depth information regarding retirement, insurance, tax deferred annuities, and many other benefits available to employees. Contact Benefits & Retirement Services, (865) 946-8847 for more information.

eLearning Courses

Skillsoft eLearning provides interactive courses offered electronically. The eLearning courses offered through Employee & Organizational Development provide great personal and professional development alternatives to physical classroom attendance when time away from the job is limited. To be eligible to use Skillsoft, the employee must be a regular UT faculty or staff member. To register, email Laura Jo Anderson at

Coaching Services

Problems in communicating are common in most organizations. The coaching process has proven to be an effective method of resolving interpersonal conflict and improving individual performance. EOD offers confidential coaching services. These services include consultation, action planning, commitment agreement, and formal coaching. For more information contact Ron Tredway at (865) 974-0807 or Linda Blocksom at (865) 974-6342.

Performance Consulting Services

At times, either departmental or individual performance fails to meet the mark, and it is difficult to ascertain the root cause for the performance problem. EOD provides services, from consulting and counseling to training and planning that will help identify needs and offer options to address those needs. Follow-up is included to assess effectiveness. For more information, contact our office at (865) 974-6657.

Professional Development Programs

The University of Tennessee encourages faculty and staff to take advantage of professional development programs. These programs are designed to empower and enlighten employees who work at all levels. Each course provides a rewarding learning experience. As outlined in the HR128 policy, UT employees are encouraged to complete a minimum of 32 hours of development per year. EOD development programs may also be offered on-site for a department upon request by the Department Head. For further information call (865) 974-6657.

Recertification for CAP & OM

Certain training classes offered through EOD may be eligible for recertification points. To be eligible, the class must be related to the CAP and OM examination outline and must be at least one hour in length. Related computer classes can also count toward recertification. Points are assigned for each hour of learning content (actual hours in classroom; average completion time for eLearning). Eligibility is determined by IAAP. Certificates or transcripts of EOD course completions are available upon request. To request certificates, contact EOD, (865) 974-6657.

Short Courses

Short courses are designed to provide additional learning opportunities for busy faculty and staff. These courses offer concentrated information on various topics. The sessions are informative yet casual enough for employees to enjoy their lunch while learning. To register, call (865) 974-6657.

Specialized Departmental Training & Retreats

EOD can help plan and facilitate staff development retreats or on-site training! An EOD representative will meet with the department head and their delegate to identify needs, prepare activities, and guide the arrangements to assist in providing continuing staff development for the requesting department. Contact Ron Tredway, (865) 974-0807, for more information.

Strategic Planning Services

A strategic plan is essential to a department's success. Having a clear vision and mission statement for the department is key to guiding workplace effectiveness. When the vision, mission, and values of the work team are aligned with the strategic plan goals, greater clarity leads to a greater sense of purpose and commitment to effective completion of those goals. EOD provides strategic planning facilitation services to help department leaders create a guiding coalition for their employees while actively participating in the collaborative process. Call (865) 974-6657 for more information.

Volunteer Trainers

Volunteer Trainers are faculty and staff who are interested in promoting training and development for those who work at the university. If interested in becoming a Volunteer Trainer, contact Ron Tredway, (865) 974-0807.


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