E-learning Upgrade: SkillPort 7


On Monday, May 14, 2012, the SkillSoft e-learning system will be unavailable to users.  Users will be unable to perform any functions in the e-learning system, including taking e-learning courses.  Please check back on Tuesday, May 15, when the upgrade should have completed and the system should be available once again.

We are implementing an upgrade to a newer version of SkillPort, the e-learning system.  This upgrade will enhance usability and be more user-friendly for UT staff and faculty.  The system will function in much the same way, but the interface will have an updated look and should be easier to use.


How to use the new system:

The system will function in the same way as before--the major change you'll note is an updated look.  You should also find that SkillPort is a little easier to use, with courses and other resources being simpler to locate.

You will take the same steps to begin e-learning:

1. Log in using your UT netID and password

2. Search for the course title using "Search & Learn"
Use the catalog to find your desired course.

3. Add the course to "My Plan"

4. Begin the course!


To familiarize yourself with the new look and feel of the new version, we recommend that you take a few minutes to look at the following helpful tutorials:

SkillPort Overview Tour
This 3-minute tour provides a brief overview of the overall look and layout of the new version.

"My Plan" Guided Tour
Approximately 3 minutes in duration, this tour goes over the "My Plan" area of SkillPort.

"My Progress" Guided Tour
This tour runs approximately 3 minutes and provides an overview of the area of SkillPort where you can keep up with your progress, "My Progress."

"Search & Learn" Guided Tour
This tour runs about 4 minutes and goes over the functionality of the search tool, "Search & Learn."

Catalog Guided Tour
This 2.5-minute tour covers how to use the SkillPort course and content catalog.


Questions?  Call or email Johanna Owenby, (865) 974-4430.


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