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For Your Benefit

Linda HendricksWelcome to For Your Benefit, a newsletter addressing the benefits offered to you as a UT employee.

I hope you find the publication helpful and encourage you to share feedback and suggestions on ways we can improve it by emailing me at

Thank you for your commitment to the University.

Linda Hendricks Harig
UT System Vice President for Human Resources

Inside the Spring 2015 Issue

Let’s Talk About Our Workplace

Thank you to the 7,200 faculty and staff who shared feedback about our workplace and work culture in November 2014 through the statewide employee engagement survey.

Results are in and summaries of findings specific to each campus and institute were shared through open forums held in March.

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Understanding Diversity and Valuing Our Differences

More than 140 faculty and staff from every UT campus and institute attended UT's first systemwide Diversity Summit on April 15, designed to engage the UT community in efforts to create more diverse and inclusive learning and working environments.

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Introducing New Leadership Institute Alumni

Congratulations to the 50 faculty and staff who graduated in February from UT’s Leadership Institute, a week-long training program offered every other year and designed to recognize and develop leaders within the University.

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Making Wellness a Workplace Conversation

Wellness doesn’t start when the workday ends, it’s a 24/7 commitment, and UT understands the role a supportive workplace plays in helping employees live healthy and balanced lives.

Work Healthy UT is a new statewide initiative to better communicate the dozens of health and wellness resources available to you as a UT employee and to create a network for connecting to others with similar interests, sharing success stories, recommending tips and offering support.

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Fill Your Cup With Facts: Coffee Talk

Chelsi Wolz, a nutrition research associate and registered dietician working in the Healthy Eating and Activity Laboratory at UT Knoxville, shares some of the facts about coffee consumption.

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Grief and Loss and the Workplace

The personal nature of grief makes it a difficult topic for many to address in the workplace, said Laura Miller, a health communication researcher in UT Knoxville’s School of Communication Studies. “There’s something about the workplace setting that seems to confuse people about how to deal with grief. It confuses grievers too, because they’re not sure if they are allowed to have their human experience out in public in the workplace.”

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Commit to a Healthy Lifestyle

UT Employees share the various ways they commit to health and how they meet their wellness goals.

Scott Gordy: Why I Play Paddleball »

Sabrina Soltau: Why I Schedule Time for Family Activities »

Chris Armstrong: Why I Go Metal Detecting »

Sue Denning: Why I Only Have One Coke Per Week »

Tips from a Trainer

UT Management Specialist Johanna Owenby shares 5 ways to promote civility in the workplace.

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