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Ron Tredway / Linda Blocksom
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Purpose of the Institute

The Leadership Institute is designed to help equip current and future UT leaders with tools to be successful managers in academic and administrative roles.

Similar to the academic rigor that produces top-notch researchers at the University, the institute provides a research-based foundation for UT administrators to be experts in leadership. The Institute also gives participants the opportunity to practice these leadership skills in a hands-on, experiential learning setting.

Below is a list of topics covered at the institute.

Defining Leadership

Participants develop personal definitions to clarify and express their visions of effective leadership.

Self-Assessment of Personal Leadership Characteristics

Participants are provided various opportunities to assess their individual characteristics to help identify personal strengths and weaknesses that impact their effectiveness as leaders.

Interaction with University Leaders

Participants have the opportunity to hear from and interact with the University president, vice presidents and chancellors as they talk about and react to questions on leadership and other issues in higher education.

Organizational Dynamics and Functions

Participants experience barriers to effective communication, problem-solving and decision-making within a simulated organization beset by rules, practices and traditions. Throughout the exercise, facilitators help participants mine their personal experiences to achieve clarity and understanding about leadership issues faced by all levels of the organization.

Organizational and Campus Culture

Programs on culture provide insight into communication and leadership styles. Groups identify and discuss issues related to the future direction of higher education and decisions that must be made in a changing environment. Sessions will help foster an ability to deal more fairly with others and share in fulfilling the institution's mission. Facilitators help participants recognize their potential to impact the University’s outcomes and successes.