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Fall 2014 Newsletter

Linda Francisco, LI director, retiring

Linda Francisco, Executive Director of Talent Management, Human Resources, UT System and director of the Leadership Institute, retired Oct. 3, 2014. Linda’s first connection to the University was through 4-H. She later attended UT Knoxville and was an instructor in the English department before transitioning to human resources in 1982. She completed the Leadership Institute as a participant in 1986 and served as a facilitator before becoming the Institute Director in 2005. Linda says she truly believes that pausing to take a deep breath can help every situation.

Taking over as LI director will be Ron Tredway, Executive Director of Employee and Organizational Development. Ron joined UT Knoxville in 2010 after working in corporate human resources and senior management roles in private sector firms, where he developed and facilitated leadership and change management programs. He also served as an adjunct faculty member for several management courses at multiple universities. His passion centers around helping individuals and organizations improve their performance through applied learning interventions.

Next Leadership Institute set for 2015

The 21st UT Leadership Institute is set for Feb 15-20 at the Park Vista Hotel in Gatlinburg, TN. Fifty participants have been selected to attend the Institute, which has taken place every two years since 1981. Guest speaker is Dr. Lee Bolman, scholar, author and leader in higher education. His most recent book is Reframing Academic Leadership, written with Dr. Joan Gallos. Bolman has written many other well known books with Dr. Terrence Deal, including Modern Approaches to Understanding and Managing Organizations, Four Framework Approach to Leadership and Reframing Organizations: Artistry, Choice and Leadership.

2013 Institute marks 20th session

Forty faculty and staff from throughout the UT campuses participated in the 2013 Leadership Institute, held Feb. 10-15 in Gatlinburg. The institute was rated “outstanding” by nearly all participants, who commented that the opportunity to learn about themselves was invaluable. The program offered “excellent group dynamics and synergy, with excellent facilitation and a broad experience, wrote one participant. “I learned a lot about myself,” said another. I’ll be able to take a lot of this material back with me.” The institute “renewed my passion for my job,” wrote another. Another participant summed up the institute as a “very valuable resource for the UT system.”

UT President and executive assistant share their insights

Dr. Joe DiPietro provided remarks to the 2013 Leadership Institute participants by video, due to an unavoidable scheduling issue, but conveyed his passion for leadership and UT’s commitment to the Leadership Institute. Keith Carver, executive assistant to Dr. DiPietro, offered “Lessons in Leadership From My Aunt Sue.” Among them:

  • Always wear the same size hat (don’t let success go to your head)
  • We’re all turtles on a fence post (we all had help getting to where we are)
  • Bloom where you’re planted (thrive where you are)
  • Always choose to be courageous (courage must chosen to be practiced)

Organizational workshop lunch sessions held on UT campuses

The Leadership Institute sponsored several special brownbag meetings during 2013-14 featuring exclusive videos from Barry Oshry, creator of the Oshry Partnership Exercise (Tops/Middles/Bottoms). LI alumni met on each UT campus, viewed one of several videos and discussed topics raised in a short handout. The sessions offered an opportunity for LI alumni to interact on their campus, while updating key points raised during the Partnership Exercise. Sessions were led by LI facilitators from each campus.

Leadership Institute Participant Updates

Chandra Alston (LI 2007) is now Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources, UT Health Science Center in Memphis

Herb Byrd III (LI 1999) has been named interim Vice President of the Institute of Public Service

Keith Carver (LI 2005) is now Executive Assistant to the President, UT System

Chris Cimino (LI 2003) is now Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration, UT Knoxville

India Lane (LI 2005) is now Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs and Student Success, UT System

Laure Pou, (LI 2013) is now Assistant Director of Human Resources, UT Chattanooga

Tom Rakes, (LI 2005) is now Chancellor, UT Martin

Joel Reeves (LI 2007) is now Assistant Vice Chancellor and CIO, UT Knoxville

Candace White (LI 2007) has been named chair of the UT Statewide Faculty Council for 2014-15

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