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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why did the University conduct a survey of its faculty and staff?

Employee feedback is essential to identifying areas where the University is doing well and areas needing improvement. The survey was designed to gauge the opinions and needs of faculty and staff, and responses will be applied in many different ways to help make UT a better place to work.

2. What topics did the survey cover?

The survey focused on pay, benefits, job satisfaction, professional development, work culture, performance evaluation, diversity, leadership and communication.

3. Who administered the survey?

The University partnered with a nationally recognized third-party vendor to administer the survey. ModernThink has extensive expertise in workplace quality and employee engagement studies and has worked with more than 600 colleges and universities across the country.

4. How much time did it take to complete the survey?

About 20 minutes.

5. Why was I encouraged to participate?

Your voice matters and your responses will help the University identify areas needing attention. Higher response rates give a better understanding of employee opinions and needs.

6. Who was eligible to take the survey?

All regular, full- and part-time faculty and staff statewide were invited to take the survey.

Faculty and exempt staff on the UT Knoxville campus completed the survey in spring 2011. Feedback from these groups will be included in the statewide results shared in spring 2012.

7. Are survey responses confidential?

Yes. ModernThink's confidentiality policy does not allow results to be reported in any way that would allow individual respondents to be identified.

8. Will my supervisor see my responses?

No. The University will not have access to individual survey responses. ModernThink will share only summarized reports with the University and supervisors.

9. What will happen to my written comments?

Verbatim responses to open-ended questions will not be shared with the University.

ModernThink will review and summarize relevant themes from responses to open-ended questions and will share only the summarized responses with the University.

10. How were surveys made available to employees without access to a computer?

In addition to the electronic version, paper surveys were distributed by supervisors and human resource officers.

11. Are results available?

Yes. All employees were invited in spring 2012 to open forums on each campus and institute led by ModernThink and UT leadership to hear presentations and participate in discussions about the results. Campuses and institutes are taking different approaches to analyzing the data. Some are studying feedback to identify overarching needs while others have distributed data specific to individual departments.

12. What happens next?

A University task force within UT's Compensation Advisory Board is working to analyze results, establish goals for improvement and monitor progress. Campuses and institutes have additional teams focused on strengths and opportunities specific to each entity. Progress is being recorded in a chart on the Next Steps and Monitoring Progress page.

13. How often will the survey be administered?

The survey will be re-administered every three years. The next survey is expected to launch in fall 2014.

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